Mold design

We have ability for mold design and completed official CAD/CAM software system for drawing design to effectively save time.

We also have mold flow analysis software, MAGMA from German and C3P from U.S.A, take them for analysis of first mold design or the molds having complex design for runner to prevent the poor design problem after mold making.

Mold flow

BMW Diff Cover (for Hybrid) achievement

DAIHATSU  Cover Timing Chain achievement



10 x CNC high-speed machining, max machining program is 3000mm x 2100mm x 800mm

EDM machining

9 x EDM machining, max machining program is 800mm x 600mm x 500mm


2 x Japan Sankl-180 ° mold spotting machine, with wax test system, spotting and wax test before casting trial to ensure the quality

Quality inspection

2 x CMM machines:Wenzel from Germany and Mitutoyo from Japan

3D scaner:ATOS from Germany

specialized for measuring all parts, electrode, and sample after trial casting.

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