Company profile

Company nameFu Hsiung Steel Mold Co., Ltd
FounderFu Hsiung, Chen
NT$ 12,800,000
Employee55 people (March, 2017)
Average age
36 years old (March, 2017)
Sales items
aluminum, magnesium, zinc casting mold
Mold making ability
Die-casting mold 125Ton~1250Ton、mold weight 15 tons。Trimming die 20Ton
Annual capacity180~300 sets (depend on mold size and difficulty)


  • 1972:Fu Hsiung Steel Mold group was established by Mr. Chen Fu Hsiung, specialized for aluminum and zinc mold making.
  • 1979:Move to the new factory for higher production, having 10 employees at that year.
  • 1983:Built new plant at same location, and change company name to Fu Hsiung Steel Mold CO., Ltd. Plant area is 1250m2
  • 1990:Research and develop for mold productivity management and computerized process.
  • 2005:Got the certificate of ISO 9001:2000 international quality management system, enlarge for plant to 2150m2
  • 2006:Completely built for new plant, and started to produce, plant area is 3300m2
  • 2009:Got the certificate of ISO 14001:2004 international environmental management system
  • 2010:Got the certificate of ISO 9001:2008 international environmental management system
  • 2012:Indonesia plant established
  • 2014:Completely built for Indonesia plant

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